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Pennsylvania 1772

[Henkle, W. D. (1871). A sketch of the life of Daniel McCartney, the man with a remarkable memory. Columbus, Ohio: Ohio State Journal Job Rooms.]:

Ephraim McCartney whose father came from Ireland, was born September 20, 1772, in Lancaster county, Pennsylvania.

Ann Sanford, whose father's name was Abraham Sanford, was born about 1767, in Mifflin county, Pennsylvania, and married in the same county to Ephraim McCartney, in 1790. They had ten or eleven children, eight of whom, six boys and two girls, lived to adult age. The oldest of the boys was named Robert.

Michael Runk, whose father's name was also Michael, was born in 1765, in Lancaster county, Pennsylvania.

Mary Schowalter, who was of German descent, was born in 1765, in Lancaster county, Pennsylvania, and was married to Michael Runk, her senior by three months in 1786, in the same county in which they were born. They had nine or ten children, seven of whom lived to adult age. Lydia Runk was the fourth child and the third of the girls.

Robert McCartney was born September 21, 1791, in Mifflin county, Pennsylvania, and Lydia Runk, July 1, 1794, in Lancaster county, Pennsylvania. They were married December 31, 1811, in Westmoreland county, Pennsylvania. They had seven children, the first two being girls and the others boys.

Ephraim McCartney died in Washington county, Pennsylvania, September 9, 1825, and his wife Ann, in the same county, in the early part of January 1853.


Researcher's Notes: Confusion with the accuracy of some of the information presented in the Henkle article [1971] above, conflicts with other historical documents and records found in the literature, which refute some of this information. Specifically, Ephraim's name, Ephraim's date of death, and Ann Sanford's year of birth.

Ephraim's Name--It is the researcher's belief that Ephraim's name was either Ephraim James McCartney or James Ephraim McCartney, whereby he used the names “Ephraim” and "James" interchangeably. The 1790 and 1810 federal census records list him as "Ephraim McCartney" whereas the biographical sketch of Sanford Devore [Sanford Devore, Portrait and Biographical Record of Marion and Hardin Counties OH, 1895, pg. 469], describe a "James McCartney" married to an Ann Sanford.

In addition, tax records of Lancaster Co. PA [1771-1773] list a "Jas" McCartney residing in Martick Township at the time of Ephraim's birth; possibly the father of Ephraim. If this were true, it explains the reason why Ephraim was named "Ephraim James McCartney" or "James Ephraim McCartney."

Ephraim's Date of Death--Henkle [1871] states Ephraim died September 9, 1825 at the age of 53 whereas the biographical sketch of Sanford Devore [1895] states James McCartney "died in early manhood", but did not provide any further information. It could be implied by the author of the biographical sketch, 53 was considered to be "early manhood."

Ann Sanford's Year of Birth--The biographical sketch of Sanford Devore [1895] states his grandmother Ann Sanford died about 1848 at age 99, 7 months and 5 days, placing her birth around 1748. Henkle [1871] though, stated Ephraim’s wife, Ann Sanford was born nineteen years later in 1767.

Researcher's DNA Research
Historical records indicate the origin of the McCartney name to be Scottish. Henkle though, states Ephraim's father emigrated from Ireland. With that said, this researcher decided to investigate by means of DNA analysis. In 2012 the researcher submitted a Y-111 DNA sample to Family Tree DNA. followed by taking their most in-depth paternal test (Big-Y) in 2014. Results of these tests point to South Ireland being the point-of-origin of the researcher's McCartney branch. This Irish connection though, does not negate the possibility of a Scotch-Irish link.

During the same time period as the researcher's initial two tests, a known 4th cousin 1x-removed took the same paternal Y-111 and Big-Y DNA tests. Results confirmed what the researcher already knew; our g-g-grandfathers Isaac R. McCartney and Paden A. McCartney were brothers.

More recently, in September 2016, the researcher's Y-DNA sample was flagged as a match with a descendant of David James McCartney (1814-1903). The match showed an 85% certainty with the researcher four generations back and 98% certainty eight generations back. This genetic evidence clearly linked the researcher's ancestor Robert Isaac McCartney as a sibling of David James McCartney and children of Ephraim McCartney.

[researcher]-David McCartney (1952- )
[father]-Vernon McCartney (1927-2012 )
[grandfather]-Merle McCartney (1893-1978)
[g-grandfather]-Isaac Elsworth McCartney (1861-1934)
[gg-grandfather]-Isaac R. McCartney (1832-1863)
[ggg-grandfather]-Robert Isaac McCartney (1791-1837)
[gggg-grandfather]-Ephraim McCartney (1772-1825)
[ggggg-grandfather] McCartney (from Ireland)

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